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Special topics with relevance to early maps

For more substantial texts, see Web articles and commentaries on specific topics in the History of Cartography.
See also Related Subjects and Images of early maps on the web ('Themes')

Calendars (early)

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Early epochs (ancient & medieval)


Bible maps:

Classical world:

Medieval maps:

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Illustrative elements on maps

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Measuring and defining space


Longitude, Latitude and Prime Meridians:

Map Projections:



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Curiosities, myths, maps of the imagination:

Games & Jigsaws:

Literary maps:

Modern myths:

Philately: see Images of early maps on the web ('Themes') and Web articles (in both cases, under 'Philately')

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Dating maps:

Librarianship and Curatorship:


Searching the web:


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  • ’Blogroll. Map Blogs’ (from The Map Room)
  • Antique Prints Blog (select 'Maps' - Chris Lane, Philadelphia Print Shop)
  • 'Cartes et figures du monde: histoire de la cartographie, cultures et savoirs géographiques' (a blog, started in August 2010, as the 'écho de la recherche en histoire de la cartographie au sein de la communauté scientifique française et internationale', run by the Commission 'histoire' of the Comité français de cartographie)
  • Geographicus Antique Map blog (since April 2009, the New York map dealer, Kevin James Brown, has been sharing well-researched notes and illustrations of interesting stock items; apparently discontinued August 2013)
  • Google Maps Mania ('an unofficial Google Maps blog tracking the websites, mashups and tools being influenced by Google Maps', for example Historical Map Collections, November 2011)
  • JHMaps (started in July 2008 and run by John Horrigan, who has an antique map business in Edmonton, Alberta - well-referenced posts)
  • 'La historia en mapas' (a blog by Sebastian Diaz Angel (Colombia), in Spanish but with a general remit)
  • Library of Congress (‘Worlds revealed’- started 5 November 2015, with a wide range of knowledgeable notes by different authors)
  • 'Mapping the Nation' (a blog, started in June 2012, mostly focusing on thematic maps of the USA, by Susan Schulten)
  • Maps & More: a world of maps (a blog by Joost Depuydt, Curator of maps, drawings and prints at FelixArchief (City Archives), Stad Antwerpen, started October 2007)
  • Map Room blog (started 2003 and revived in 2016 after a 4½ year break, however the monthly Archives were maintained throughout; see 'Select category' under the heading 'Archives' for a wide range of search topics)
  • 'Maps that Matter' (a blog, started in June 2008 by Martin Dodge and Chris Perkins, University of Manchester; its concern is with publications that had a significant impact on geographical theory or practice, or on abstract visualisation, since the late 19th century (Mackinder); thematic and statistical mapping is likely to feature strongly)
  • MapUtopia ('a space dedicated to the heritage of cartography and maps especially - but not only - from the view point of modern digital information and communication technologies'; by E.Livieratos for the Cartography Group, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, since December 2006; see also the related Cartography in Cultural Heritage site)
  • Strange Maps (a blog by Frank Jacobs, started in September 2006, of imaginative or fake cartographic occurrences through the ages - reached No. 563, May 2012). [See also his Opionator blog, 'Borderlines: Forbidden Zones', in the New York Times, since October 2011]
  • Studiekring Historische Cartografie (a blog, in Dutch and mostly about Dutch subjects, by different members of the Studiekring [founded 1996], started in 2006 - select 'Logboek' for the entries)
  • Islamic Cartography (written by Tarek Kahlaoui as an 'outlet for my dissertation, in the writing process, titled: "The depiction of the Mediterranean in late Islamic cartography: from the 13th to the 16th century"' - started August 2006; intermittent)
  • Eighteenth-Century Reading Room (a blog from the Mina Rees Library, City University of New York Graduate Center; click on Maps for a small selection of texts)
  • (e)space & fiction (a blog "about maps and other spatial machineries used in fiction: novels, movies, paintings, music, comics, art works" - bilingual, English & French)
  • Philately. 'Worlds in the upper right hand corner' (a blog about maps on stamps, started December 2007 by Rich Magahiz)

Other topics:

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For more substantial texts, see Web articles and commentaries on specific topics in the History of Cartography.
See also Related Subjects and Images of early maps on the web ('Themes')

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